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Agosto 24, 2014 12:29 am

sometimes i wonder why there aren’t any friendship based fics around

like alright i always try and put friendships in my fics, but im talking about fics that actually focus on the friendship

like the other day i was pretty much dying of kagakise brotp feels and i just wanted to read about them being stupid dorks together, but of course all the fics are shippy. So are the fanart, obv

and sometimes i just want to read a good kagahimu that talks about their brother-like relationship, but obv there aren’t any

how about aomomo fics in which they don’t end up together? same for the kagakuro, really - it’s just shippy

don’t make me start with the aokise and aokuro - or god forbid aokikuro - because, yeah, no way you can find anything that doesn’t end with a romantic interest - same goes for the midoaka, or the muraaka, or the midokise

it makes me sad, i just want to read about my babies being dorky friends and doing stupid stuff

maybe i should write something for myself

  1. sdei ha rebloggato questo post da franeridan e ha aggiunto:
    I just moved to the couple tag, and it was the first post I’ve seen. I completely agree, even if I read KnB fics rarely....
  2. de-kachin ha detto: I promise that someday I’ll write a shit ton of AoMomo Brotp fanfics! They’re the cutest and I can see them having great adventures from childhood to adults around their thirties. Let’s aim for Brotp fanfics too!
  3. kagamiracle ha detto: I know you talked about knb pairings, but I let me tell you that I feel your pain since I have this particular problem with the one piece fandom. Like, zolu friendship, give me zolu being loyal to each other or crew/luffy WHy no one writes about that
  4. postato da franeridan